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Sunday, November 22, 2009

6 months and snacking at Mc Donald...

We were here at The Bintang Mall again!!! but no shopping spree this time, we just here to grab some express dinner. We're suppose to attend the church mass on 5.30 pm at St.Joseph but apparently today just had only one mass at Carmellite church which is on 9.00 a.m. So we stop for a few minutes to do a prayer and off we go to the Mc Donald, Bintang Mall.
While I was digging my Big Mac which was so ridiculously delicious !!! Ava's in hubby supervision so I can just concentrating on me, myself and I..hahaha..among  the crowd who chosed Mc D as their dinner menu, I spotted a mother with her baby from across the table. The baby was similar sized like Ava and the mother happily put the french fries in her baby's mouth and the baby happily chewing on it..I was flabbergasted..I struggled to get a better view of the baby's inside mouth.."is she's teething already?" Right, yeah I realized I was quite of being kepoh throughout of this weekend but I cannot helped it..I am a new mother and of course my curiosity is high on how possible it is a baby can eat "fast food" while the baby is still a baby? If they just starting to eat solid food is that a proper intro for a solid to a baby? The mum noticed me staring at her and quickly I gave her a warm smile but looking at her kept on giving her baby the fries and the baby  kept on eating on it..."I was not sure".......Again, the woman gave her friendly smile toward me before their left from the table and she passed by hubby with Ava at the foyer. Hubby curiously "sempat" asked the mother how old was her baby and she's  6 months old, that's after the mother asked him whether Ava is a boy or a girl..I should put ribbon or something pinkish on Ava's head because she's always has been mistaken as a baby boy. Sometimes people would passed by and said "Oh..your baby boy is so cute and fair..." and I would answered sweetly,"No, she is a girl and no she don't have a fair skin, it's only nearly fair...", the last sentences after the word "and", I left it with by myself.
I don't know about others but do every parents would just let their baby eating any kind of solid food without properly doing any research on the nutrition contains or is it only me who don't t know about this fact?

Do I look like a boy to you even I am all pink?? wink wink....

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