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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Woohooo my first makmur!!! Local cookies I loved the most and the first cookies I've ever baked!
Anyway in the future, this need to do a bit of improvement on the taste and mix all the ingredient in just the right amount.

I am crazy about makmur, seriuosly crazy..I can finished one medium container full of makmur by myself if I want to.
When Flo's aunt came to visit us a few months ago, we had the opportunity to learn baking makmur from her. It's a very good experience to learn this from someone who is really expert in making makmur!!
She's also excellent in baking some other cookie.

The presentation is not well arrange because hubby and I are already half asleep when adding the icing...


Angel said...

wah. siok o pandai buat kuih. sa pun dalam banyak2 kuih, makmur la sa paling suka. boleh buat bisnes suda ko ni shen :)

Sheena said...

hehehe...itu la tu kira2 mo buat..mo kac bagus skill lagi ni.

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