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Monday, November 16, 2009

Amazing Race?

Having raised in a family which normally do upfront planning and preparation made this kind of scene was totally alien for me, luckily I didn't get a heart attack! If we are deviated from our plan, normally everybody would be getting edgy, anxious and the occasion of people snapping is expected. So deviate from plan or not preparing very early is a no no for my upbringing especially not in front of my dad.
The trip going back to Kota Kinabalu was totally like an amazing race. We suppose to fly on Friday afternoon but when we woke up on friday morning, we haven't packed up anything yet, not even sure what to bring, well of course we have to bring baby's stuff and the baby herself. We just about to pack up when I sprained my wrist for the " I dunno how many" times already and this time I cannot take the pain anymore so we decided to go for a quick traditional massage. When we reached there, apparently I was recommended to do a full body massage. We were thinking for a short while and thought still had lots of time in our hand. There I was having a full body massage, it's not a luxurious trip, it was like tortures! after delivery apparently wind had stiffen all of my vein!!Then after one in a half hour doing the massage , we went for a quick breakfast and after b'fastr we realized we really need to get back home and do the packing. When we reached home, it was already 10.30 am and thought still had time and slowly packed our bag. By 12 noon, we re still not even half way finished packing and we need to leave by 12.30 noon.
To cut the story short, we just dumped everything in the bag and ends up with three bag and gave Ava a quick dip in the tub. Normally we just used two bag. By 12.30 noon, moving from the door house to the gate took about 20 mins. We had to carry Ava.. Bumble escaped from the house and hubby had to chase after him. Halfway chasing Bumble, it started to rain cats and dogs. By the time put Bumble inside and locked the gate, it was 12.55pm!!
We rushed to the airport, when we 're few miles away from the house hubby asked me,
"Did you already take Ava's birth certi?"
I answered,
"Yeah, it's in the bag..you didn't put it somewhere else do you?"
"Huh, I put in on the file"...
The clock stroked 1.00 pm and we made a u turn to go back to the house. The ticket counter closed by 1.30pm. Noted that our house from the airport is 40 miles away. During that time, I started to have panicked attacked. Rushing from the house to the airport, knowing that you could missed the flight was very tense. It was silent in the car and luckily Ava's sleeping. I tried not to look at the clock in the car because it really made me edgy and I already thinking to pay more additional RM300 to fly in the evening. I was sure we're not be able to catch the flight.

When we're about to reach at the airport, I placed Ava in the carrier and rushed out from the car and ran to the ticket counter. Imagine me running with baby hanging in front of me. When I reached there, it was one mins before the closing and the story didn't stop there..the boarding pass already in my hand but without our luggage! Hubby was still struggling to unload the bags not to mention the car park is quiet far from the "ticket counter", not the airport building. The ticketing counter kept on informing me we;re already running out of time and our luggage probably had to leave behind, ..I was so edgy and kept on searching and hoping that hubby's head would pop from the crowd anytime soon. Luckily we managed to put all our luggage to the cargo. It was such a relief when everything settled down and we' re on our way to board the flight . Me and hubby had a good laugh after that and thought that this incident was such an amazing race for us!!


Angel said...

My goodness, sa tau tu perasaan terkejar2 takut terlambat flight sbb sa pernah! haha

sempat lagi pg massage bah pagi2. haha.

Sheena said...

ya bah Angel...pikir2 mac lg banyak masa kunun..haha

FIRKAL said...

aduii.. time sia baca ur post pun sia bedebar2 o nut. hahaha..... nasib baik sempat kan. hihihi..

Sheena said...

yabah mel..nasib sempat ni..kalo nda, lugai2 sana airport miri...

Website Designer Riyadh said...

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