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Friday, November 6, 2009

Hair Fall, am I going bald?

I heard that there will be  a period of hair loss and fall after a few months of delivery, and I didn't expected it could be quite worst! My hair stranded everywhere. At the bathroom, on the bed, at the living room , at the kitchen...it's everywhere in the house.It started when Ava reached 3 months, my hair started to fall down. At first it's just a few but lately, almost everyday I can felt a few strand of my hair falling on my shoulder!!
Sometimes Ava's face would be covered by strands of hair and she usually try to lick it and put it on her mouth.
Hair loss in particular is very common and should not cause undue concern, but it's the matter of figure..my hair is thin and oily, add up with the warm weather makes me very uncomfortable with my dull and oily looking hair, now I realize the statement of "hair is the crown of glory " has a really deep meaning toward people. I thought by cutting my hair short would make the hair fall slow down but it still keep on falling!
However, referring to the articles that I read, this condition does not cause permanent hair loss or obvious bald patches. Telogen effluvium resolves slowly beginning six to 12 weeks postpartum. There is no medical treatment available.  Well hopefully the hair loss would be gone by anytime soon, I have a wedding reception to attend this end of the month and I want to look fabulous on that day.

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